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Cameron Foster

Quarantine Cabaret

Bha Cameron Foster an sàs ann an tachartasan Flint & Pitch, mar fhear an taighe is bidh e ag obair mar dhealbhadair grafaigeach, cuideachd air pròiseactan do Chomann Crann na h-Alba agus LeithLate. An-nis, tha e a' deiseileachadh gus pròiseact ùr a chur air bhog - Quarantine Cabaret - tro mheadhan Instagram, a bheir cothrom is àrd-ùrlar do luchd-ealain Albannach, aig àm na stainge.

For me the art is the best way to examine a culture. A culture’s strengths and weaknesses, its priorities and anxieties, its self image and its subconscious can all be found in its art. I think that’s because any good art is always deeply imbued with a the humanity of the artist

One of my favourite experiences in all the world is connecting with a painting from 500 years ago or a poem translated from Japanese. Art is a great way for us to communicate. I’ve always been particularly uncomfortable with Scottish exceptionalism; Scottish culture is certainly no better than any other nation’s culture but, crucially, nor is it any worse. I suppose, by promoting Scottish culture I feel a bit like a boat running up signal flags, hoping that other cultures- or even ours in the future- will come to better understand us. For better or for worse.

I spent most of last year taking a Masters in Art History with my dissertation being based on graffiti and outsider art so I was up to my oxters in visual art. I’ve spent quite a lot of time working on projects that try to breakdown the perceived barriers in engaging with cultural activities. I was very much in the category of people who felt that the arts were not for them for a long time.  Now I find engaging with creativity vital. To be honest, I think a lot of it is just a way to try and keep myself sane.

I was heavily involved with a group called National Collective during the Independence referendum and we very much found that some creative endeavours were more suited to dealing with current affairs than others. Visual artists especially are very weary of dictating meaning in their work, which I tend to think is based on some very light reading of mid-century French philosophy a lot of the time. Like you though, I guess, rather than trying to find a definitive answer to articulate a point, creating a platform to facilitate diverse voices is always really appealing to me.

Its the 19th of March today and creative life looked completely different on the 19th of February. My feeling right now is that we are in for a prolonged period of change and upheaval and that its probably going to be best to be nimble and self sufficient rather than slick and stable 

I’m hoping that, creatively, it might quite a good time as we currently seem quite happy to cut each other some slack. That will probably all change though when the economy implodes and we have to choose between eating our phones or our neighbours.

An Aghaidh na Stainge

Tha Quarantine Cabaret a' cumail Cameron trang is ann an sunnda an-dràsta. Bidh e a' cur còignear de luchd-ealain is luchd-ciùil ron èisteachd, gach oidhche Shathairne aig 7:30f is faodaidh sibh an leantainn air Instagram. Bhiodh Cameron airson beagan taic-airgid a chumais e ron luchd-ealain a tha an sàs sa phròiseact. Bidh gach rud ga dhèanamh air fònaichean-làimhe, mar sin tha cruth garbh aig na coileanaidhean, ach blas ùrar drùidhteach orra, cuideachd. 'S e as motha a chòrdas ri Cameron is gun dèan am pròiseact ceanglaichean eadar daoine. Sa phròiseact chìthear so-dhèantas nan ealan a bhith a' briseadh crìochan inntinn - rud a tha gu math cudromach.

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