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Ionnsaich Gàidhlig le Marcas!

With the lockdown enforcing a time of slowing down and self-reflection on us all, there has never been a better time to refresh your Gaelic skills or take them in a new direction. As one successful block of teaching on Zoom comes to a close, I am opening up, again, to students and would welcome back those who I've already worked with as well as new faces.

Classes currently take place on Zoom and worksheets and presentations usedto stimulate conversation are provided.

I hold an MA Hons Gaelic-Hispanic Studies and MLitt Irish and Scottish Studies from the University of Aberdeen. Since graduation I have taught learners of Gaelic across levels for a number of local authorities (East Renfrewshire, East Dumbartonshire) and universities (Strathclyde University, University of the West of Scotland). Currently working alongside Rona Wilkie at the University of Edinburgh's College of Open Learning, I teach Beginners and Elementary classes. Over the years, I have been tutoring free-lance for a number of clients and have trained up primary school teachers in GLPS for Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and beyond. A Gaelic tutor for Lothian Gaelic Choir, I helped lead the choir to victory in the Lovat and Tullibradine and Puirt-à-beul competitions at the Royal National Mòd in Dunoon, 2018. Last year, myself and colleague Dr. Stewart MacLeod were nominated for a National Gaelic Award for our services to Gaelic Learning.

As of June 2020 I will be offering the following: Elementary Gaelic - 8 weeks If you have been learning Gaelic for two or three years this course is for you. Particpants will be expected to have a grasp of the present, past and future tense of the verb 'to be', the dative case, common prepositional pronouns.

Begins Tuesday, 9th June - 6pm til 8pm. Book now!

Private Mentoring - 8 weeks

I also offer one-on-one mentoring to students who are engaged in self-led studies of Gaelic at any level. These sessions can work as a grammar surgery and are student-led, so as to enable you to dictate what you need further insight on. Alternatively these sessions can be learned to feed more idiom into your spoken language, with intensive spoken language practice to boost your conversation skills.

Begins Monday, 8th June - 6pm til 7pm

Book now! Begins Monday, 8th June - 7pm til 8pm

Begins Wednesday, 10th June - 6pm til 7pm

Begins Wednesday, 10th June - 7pm til 8pm

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Jennifer Reliford
Jennifer Reliford
Jun 01, 2020

I'd really love to learn Gaelic. Is there a first time learner's class?

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