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Fàilte gu Patreon a' Bhàird Bhig - Become a Patron!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

As the summer of 2021 draws to a close, it's been a period of reflection, but also a time to formulate new ideas and project for the future for Edinburgh-based writer and singer-songwriter, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir. With a new website launched, drawing together the many strands of his creative and cultural output, the time is right to chart new waters and build new bonds, going forth into the remainder of 2021.

Marcas says: “Patreon gives creatives like myself the opportunity to interact more closely with readerships and audiences. 2020 and 2021 have shown us that the online and the digital has been a way to beat social isolation and build bridges between communities in unprecedented ways."

Marcas' Patreon offer will give supports a unique window into his creative life - on page, on stage and in the studio. With tiers tailored to suit individual interests, whatever supporters' budgets there will new content to appeal to all tastes - whether that's poetry or music. The new opportunity will allow patrons to read new works, see film-poems and hear single releases prior to publication or commercial release. Works in progress will also be shared, by way of clips, blogs and photographs.

Marcas continues: “The key here is affordability but also attaching value to the work I'm creating. After more than a decade of publishing, with a new collection in print and another on the way, patrons will get to know first hand about what inspires new works and how I bring them into being. It's about welcoming people into my creative space and sharing that journey, every step of the way."

Many of the tiers are super affordable, starting from just £5 a month. Sgioba Cruthachail will be treated to intimate, at-home readings from new collection Dùileach, including commentary from Marcas which will bring additional insight into what inspired them. Combining carefully selected music with visual artwork, the curated readings will be brought to life through multi-media and offered exclusively on the platform.

Sgioba Lèirsinneach will get advanced viewings of Marcas critically acclaimed poetry films, fusing spoken word, found footage and music together, prior to their release through YouTube and Facebook. Additional perks for this tier include downloadable and printable poetry memes, perfect for creating poetry postcards of framing at home, with artwork from some of Marcas' closest friends and collaborators. The memes are currently being brought to life through TikTok and Instagram, with spoken word extracts and these will be available to download also.

Fans of Marcas' music joining Sgioba Ceòlmhor will get to delve deeper into the many facets of Marcas' musicality, which includes his work as a vocalist and song-writer within the traditional and folk genres, but also his groundbreaking work as the Gaelic King of Pop. Brace yourselves for a window into the making of his infamous Gaelic Bangers, but also more intimate, often unaccompanied renditions as well as clips, works in progress and blogs. As a welcome gift, those joining this tier will get Marcas' three singles as an instant digital download, and previews of forthcoming singles, prior to commercial release.

For more ardent followers, the top tiers present additional ways to get a personalised experience. Namely, to commission a brand new, bespoke poem from Marcas. Subscribers to Sgioba Co-obrachail and Sgioba Bàrdail will collaborate directly with Marcas on the poem, with a consultation conducted either by Zoom or on the phone. Whether it's a personal milestone or a gift for a loved one, this is the perfect package for lovers of poetry. The commissioned works will be delivered digitally in Gaelic, with a gloss provided in English. Marcas will also send a voice recording of him reading both versions to listen to at your pleasure.

However, it's the Sgioba Bàrdail who will experience Marcas' creative world in full flow, with monthly online song and poetry sets, bringing his inimitable spoken word and musical performances online for a select group of subscribers. As well as enjoying all the perks of the other packages, and getting to commission a special poem, patrons in Sgioba Bàrdail will get to request their favourite poems and hear them live, from Marcas' home in literary Edinburgh. You can always expect a song too, whether it's traditional or contemporary.

For further information check out the newly curated page on Patreon to know more about each tiered opportunity. Marcas is currently curating the initial offerings, which will be released through August, including a preview of his forthcoming showcase for The Scotsman Sessions, a revisit of his video performances for the Virtual Mòd, an insider-view on recent musical collaborations with Adam Holmes, the current slew of poetry memes lighting up social media and a specially created poetry film - Reul-chrios - celebrating his beloved Lothian Gaelic Choir, rarely screened or seen online.

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